The 12 Best Takeaways From PeopleMatter Collaborate 2015
May 12, 2015

Expert Interview: 12 Takeaways From PeopleMatter Collaborate ’15

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The PeopleMatter Collaborate ’15 Conference brought together industry leaders in the human resources and HR technology fields from May 4-6 in Charleston, SC. The TA Expert Interview Series, hosted by TechnologyAdvice’s Clark Buckner, was on-site at the event, interviewing attendees, sponsors, and speakers. They shared their insight on trends in human resources, the role technology plays, and the best practices for employee management.


Here are just five highlights from the interviews. Listen to the full audio for all twelve highlighted clips.

TechnologyAdvice: What’s a tip you have for fast-paced companies looking to add more employee engagement in their work environment?

Kevin Kruse, President, Kruse Group: What’s worked well for me over the years is to try to weave strategy into things I’m already doing. Anytime I have a staff meeting, I always start it by giving some recognition. Maybe it only takes a minute, but it’s just how I start every single meeting, and pretty soon it becomes a habit. Additionally, every manager can just open up their calendar and set up a one-on-one thirty-minute conversation with each team member and make it recurring every six months.

TechnologyAdvice: What trends are you seeing in employee tracking regarding productivity?

Marc Hinson, VP of HR & Training, Tavistock Restaurants: We predict there’s going to be an increase in use of tools that involve schedules, which include sales and labor projections, and then to be able to pull in actual sales and labor numbers. So let’s say I scheduled 25 hours for cooks on Monday, I want to see what I actually used versus what I scheduled. So I can see the differences in real time and if there are any variations based on sales. The sales were up, labor usage is going to be up. If it’s down, one of sales are down compared to forecast then I want to see that the manager’s reacted to that and actually use less labor.

Technology Advice: HR Software is revolutionizing a traditional field, making it more fun, more engaging, more meaningful. Where do you think the future of HR Software is going?

Chris Wright, Founder & CEO, Reliant: I think we will continue to find new and innovative ways to make the software fun. You know giving people feedback is part of the performance management process, but rewards and recognition are also key components to that process as well. So I think you’re going to start to see some pretty creative partnerships and software that’s going to be geared more towards the rewards and recognition aspect of HR. If you think about a lot of customer loyalty programs that have come out and have integrated with other platforms, I think we’re going to start seeing a lot of that type of software innovation on the employee side.

It goes to the concept of rewarding employees. You know traditionally, if the employee does well in their job, and then they maybe at the end of the year are eligible for a raise or potentially a promotion. And this could be a way to help them get rewarded from their praise or recognition from their supervisor throughout the year, giving an employee a real time recognition, you know when they do something well.

TechnologyAdvice: What are some pain points you’ve seen in human resources that the right technology could help alleviate?

Katherine Jones, VP of HR Technology Research, Bersin by Deloitte: Sometimes it’s a big merger or acquisition. Sometimes it’s a global initiative that’s really huge and just falls flat on its face. And often it just purely a change in technology that a company is going with, a much bigger system or a global talent acquisition system that they didn’t plan fail.

These all result in wasted money, wasted time, and a loss in productivity. There will always be some challenges, and that’s why doing your research on the what technology is best for you is so important.

TechnologyAdvice: What are you most excited about in the future of HR Software right now? 

Nate DaPore, CEO, PeopleMatter: I’ve been in HR software for 15 years and I couldn’t think of a more exciting time than being involved than right now. The reason is, it’s going through a sort of renaissance right now on two levels.

Level one is we’re finally seeing it become a mainstream mission-critical product that isn’t just a back office process-oriented software just processing payroll. People really understand that the best HR software can drive profitability and bottom-line results. It really is critical with to business. Level two is we’re really seeing a lot of the consumer-style technologies and usability being implemented in HR Software. There’s a lot of features that are very easy to use on mobile devices starting to appear. It’s not your grandmother’s software anymore. It really is cutting edge and it’s bringing in all of these consumer aspects into it. And it’s clean, it’s elegant, and it’s beautiful. It’s easy to use and it’s what those frontline employees want to use.


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