April 23, 2014

How Our Small Business Gives Back in a Big Way

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Tags: Culture

It’s the end of the work day on Friday. I think it’s safe to say that most businesses are ready to close up early and head out.

Not at TechnologyAdvice.

This past Friday after leaving work, about two-thirds of the company headed to the Best Buddies Gala and Casino Night downtown at the Nashville Convention Center. We had dinner and drinks, bid in the silent auction, and gambled away all the poker chips (or “fake money” as we called it) that we were given.

Best of all, we got to do all this in support of a great cause, Best Buddies (if you haven’t heard about them, check out their website). Best Buddies empowers disabled people by matching them with a friend, and helping them find employment and leadership opportunities. The fun and learning that takes place is life changing. Our CEO, Rob Bellenfant, generously supports this cause by sponsoring their annual Gala, and inviting us all along to take part in the philanthropy.

This isn’t the only time we’ve left work in order to give back to the community. In December, we took off a Friday afternoon and spent several hours shopping for Christmas gifts for one hundred children in Youth Villages. I was amazed to find that we were the second largest donator to their Holiday Heroes drive. Earlier in the year, the team went to a Youth Villages home and repainted the inside during the work day.

Rob makes a point of involving the team in these opportunities for service. We don’t just watch him write a check. In fact, he doesn’t accept many excuses for staying at the office during one of these projects. We’re always encouraged to team build, and these trips have a little more purpose than a regular outing.

Corporate giving has become increasingly important to large companies over the past few years. However, a lot of the time individual employees don’t get to directly take part in those donations. My favorite part about our contributions at TechnologyAdvice is that the whole team gets to do hands-on work.

We may be a small business, but we don’t act like it. We give back in a big way.

We also get to know each other better as we contribute to local charities. The involvement really solidified my interest in working here, and I know it has for others as well. If you’d like a job that rewards you with more than just money, take a look at our current openings.

Also check out our photos from the Best Buddies Gala below:

Best Buddies Gala Photos

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