December 21, 2017

Scale Your Recruiting Outreach Using ATS Software

Written by
Rachel Gray
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Outreach is an important and time-consuming part of recruiting. A mediocre sourcing strategy can lead to a lack of qualified candidates. If you’re looking to scale your recruiting outreach, an applicant tracking system (ATS) may be able to help.

ATS software tracks candidates from start to finish as they move through the recruiting pipeline. Its features include job posting, email marketing, resume importing, and more. It automates and simplifies certain tasks, which reduces the amount of time it takes you to reach out to potential candidates. And software helps you solidify and strengthen your outreach process.

Check out these four ways that ATS software can help your recruiting outreach.

1. Reach out to more people using mail and job board functions

The majority of recruiters, 67 percent, prefer contacting candidates via email during their initial outreach. And the majority of job applicants prefer email communication throughout the recruiting process. As the preferred communication method of both recruiters and job applicants, it’s important to have a dependable system to streamline email marketing.

Typing out individual emails to potential candidates is time-consuming. While on the flip side, sending standard templates can seem spammy and decrease your chance of candidates opening and responding to the message.

With ATS software, you can automate while customizing the process. Send personalized emails to multiple candidates that include information about the open position. Customize the email templates provided in your software to improve your click and response rates.

Email marketing isn’t the only way your potential candidates should learn about open jobs. You should also use digital job boards, 79 percent of job seekers use online resources when searching for positions.

ATS software offers job board integration. You can post jobs on your website and job boards simultaneously. When candidates submit resumes, you can keep them in one secure, organized database, versus tracking them down from various sources.

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2. Stay organized for better efficiency and record keeping

As a recruiter, you might have stacks of resumes on your desk, digital copies in your inbox, and files on your computer. This leads to damaged or lost resumes, something you can’t afford in recruiting.

With ATS software for recruitment agencies, you can upload resumes directly into your database so you stay organized and efficient. On top of that, the software’s resume parsing feature frees up the time it takes you to look through resumes.

Resume parsing takes the information from each resume and uploads it into a uniform format so you can easily compare candidates. ATS even ranks candidate profiles based on who best matches the job description. Not only does this save you time, but it also improves your chances of finding the best-qualified applicant.

3. Search your candidate database in the blink of an eye

One way to source candidates is by referencing your own candidate pool. Contacting people you’ve worked with before is a great way to improve your outreach efforts. Because of your pre-existing relationship with the individual, you increase your chances of connecting with them and encouraging them to apply.

You can make this process even easier with software.

An ATS will store candidate information in the database so that you can search for relevant individuals when new positions open up. Use boolean searches to find candidates in your database. You can search for potential candidates based on position titles, skills, and more.

For example, if you are looking to fill a web developer position, you can search “Web Developer.” The software will then pull up individuals with that title on their resume.

4. Measure your recruiting success

If you really want to scale your recruiting outreach, measure what works and what doesn’t work. With an ATS, you can easily find recruiting metrics like source and response rate. The software houses the information you need to create the metrics.

With source of hire, you can determine what percentage of hires come from each channel (e.g., job boards, referrals, email marketing). This shows you which outreach efforts were most successful.

For example, your client hired 10 new employees. Three employees were sourced using your ATS database, two using social media, and five using job boards. Use the formula (hires/candidates from that source) to find each percentage (e.g., 3 / 10 = 30 percent). You find that 30 percent of employees came from your ATS, 20 percent from social media, and 50 percent from job boards. This shows you that most employees applied through job boards.

Response rate shows you the number of candidates who respond to your outreach via different channels like email, phone, and social media. If some outreach channels more popular than others, you can shift your recruiting approach. To find the response rate, divide your total responses by your total attempts (total responses / total outreach attempts)

Let’s say you want to find your response rate for your email outreach, emailed 500 candidates and received 350 responses. You would have a response rate of 70 percent (500 / 350).

Your takeaway

If you are looking for a new strategy to improve your outreach, consider software. You can make necessary changes to your outreach process, automate manual tasks, and devote more time to scaling your recruiting outreach. If you aren’t sure which ATS is best for your company, use our ATS Product Selection Tool to find your perfect ATS software match!

Rachel Gray is a content writer at the Patriot Software Company, the parent company of Top Echelon, LLC, and Patriot Software, LLC. Top Echelon offers recruiting software with both an applicant tracking system and recruiting CRM software to help recruiters make more job placements.

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