July 20, 2016

Product Spotlight: SumTotal

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In this product spotlight video, SumTotal’s senior director of product marketing, Teena Lyons, speaks with Technology Analyst Eric Perry. Lyons shares how SumTotal is a “talent expansion platform” for human resource professionals.

What separates SumTotal from other HR platforms?

Lyons summed up SumTotal’s unique value in three words: “Simple, personal, and proven. A one-size-fits-all approach to development simply doesn’t work anymore. Every person has their own distinct interests, needs, and career aspirations. We pride ourselves in being a 30-year industry leader.”  

Who is SumTotal’s ideal customer?

SumTotal’s ideal customers are those that understand and want to harness the power of their people. Lyons says SumTotal is scalable and flexible, so it can work with companies of any size, in any industry.  

Name one best practice for using SumTotal.

Lyons says to take advantage of the resources they provide for customers. “We have a dedicated customer service team that leverages all of their years of practice and will share valuable insight with you. We also have a very active user community; both online and virtual sessions help you connect with other customers and learn from their experience.”

SumTotal also provides on-demand training for all products available in their platform.

What does pricing look like?

“Sum Total offers a full talent suite, configurable for each client’s needs,” Lyons says. “Obviously, there are price implications as customers expand the solution to meet their needs. A customer may choose to start with basic talent functionality, then grow the solution into succession, recruiting, on-boarding, and other modules.” You will also incur additional licensing fees for adding users or working with SumTotal’s professional services team.

Does SumTotal have any limitations? 

“Traditionally, we found that our recruiting and onboarding functions of our talent suite tend to be our weaker areas. Some of our more complex global clients need a more advanced recruiting solution. We took steps to remedy this last year by partnering and integrating with iCIMS, an onboarding and recruiting solution. In our summer release, we will be launch an entire talent acquisition module, which will have recruiting, onboarding, applicant tracking, and internal mobility capabilities.”


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