July 21, 2016

Product Spotlight: Beamery

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In this product spotlight video, Beamery’s VP of Growth, Ben Slater, speaks with Technology Analyst Eric Perry. Slater explains how Beamery is a recruiting CRM platform that tracks, sorts, and engages candidates before they apply.

What separates Beamery from competitors? 

Beamery approaches recruiting almost like customer acquisition, which makes it unique in its category. “We let companies do outbound prospecting, pipeline building, all the way through to target, nurture, and engagement. That gives companies a huge competitive advantage with a complete talent and intelligence hub.” Beamery lets you build relationships with candidates before they even apply. 

Who is Beamery’s ideal customer? 

Beamery’s customer base cover a pretty broad spectrum. “Our ideal customer is anyone who is thinking seriously about proactive recruitment. By that, I mean actively sourcing and engagement.” Slater added that Beamery works with some of the biggest tech players in silicon valley as well as a mixture of big and small organizations across sectors like retail and finance. 

Name one best practice for using Beamery.

“It sounds pretty simple, but the best way to get started with Beamery is to use it as actively as possible, and to get as many of your team members on it as possible.” Slater explained that teams can adopt the system easily with their chrome extension. Beamery taps into your network using machine intelligence and constantly analyzes your employee database. Then it identifies the closest connection within your company for every candidate. This helps hiring managers find an employee who can make an introduction. The CRM portion of the platform creates a 360-degree candidate profile by automatically syncing social media information and emails.  

What does pricing look like?

“Our pricing is based on the number of users and company headcount. We have a pretty simple pricing formula that is just a combination of those two factors.  We work out custom quotes for most of our customers.” 


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