July 22, 2016

Product Spotlight: APS

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In this product spotlight video, APS Marketing Director Christian Valiulis speaks with Technology Analyst Eric Perry. Valiulis explains that APS is a workforce management solution that includes HR, payroll, and time tracking capabilities.

What separates APS from its competitors? 

Valiulis says APS’s competitive advantage comes from its support model and technology. “Our platform is a modern, cloud-based solution that can be configured to any client’s needs,” he says. “The other big piece is support. Having knowledgeable people with credentials and certifications HR who you can actually get on the phone and email is how we built our responsive support model.” APS’s support model is built to deliver fast, responsive service. 

Who is the ideal customer for APS?

APS’s sweet spot is companies with one to 1,000 employees. Valiulis says they also work with larger companies. “These companies are looking to modernize their workforce management solutions and want a solution that is optimized to do more with less and take some of the risk out of the business.” He noted that there is a lot of risk involved with HR from overtime and payroll to taxes, and now the affordable care act.  He says APS allows companies to outsource all that compliance risk through their services.

Name one best practice for using APS.

“Do your homework upfront,” Valiulis says. “You need to know what you want to do with the system, so that the system can be optimized for your company. If you can get it right in the beginning, you set yourself up for success, and a great long-term relationship.”

What does pricing look like?

“Our pricing at APS is based on the number of active employees that are being paid on each payroll — in addition to that, it’s based on the services that are being used, whether payroll, time and attendance, HR services, or all of the above. There is a discount that gets applied as the number of active employees increases.”


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