OfficeVibe Employee Survey Software - Product Spotlight
February 26, 2015

Product Spotlight: OfficeVibe Employee Survey Software

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In this week’s Product Spotlight video, Jacob Shriar, Head of Customer Happiness at OfficeVibe, explains how their platform represents the next step in employee engagement.


TechnologyAdvice: Joining us today is Jacobs Shriar. How’s it going today Jacob?

Jacob: I’m doing great. I’m the director of customer happiness at OfficeVibe and what that basically means is making sure the customers are always happy and well taken care of.

TA: Describe OfficeVibe in one sentence.

Jacob: Employee survey software that helps you measure and improve your company culture.

TA: What differentiates OfficeVibe from the competition?

Jacob: There’s two things:

  1. The first is that everything is automated. Literally all you have to do to set it up is invite your employees. OfficeVibe does everything else like sending out the survey questions and reporting everything in real time.
  2. The system gives very targeted recommendations based on what it sees, so for example if the system sees that happiness is low it will recommend ways to improve employee happiness and the recommendations get better and smarter over time

TA: If you could only target OfficeVibe to one person or business who would that be?

Jacob: I would say any manager in any company, doesn’t really matter what level. Any manager that understands the importance of employee engagement but is having a tough time measuring it. As an example, a lot of companies do an annual survey but these managers know that that’s not enough. In terms of company size usually a really sweet spot for us is companies between 50 to 100 employees.

TA: How do you price your product?

Jacob: So it’s tiered pricing similar to a lot of other SaaS companies out there.

  • Up to 50 users is $50 a month
  • Up to 200 users is $175 a month
  • Up to 500 users is $400 a month
  • Over 500 users is a custom quote

TA: How does the pricing scale as you get out into more advanced features?

Jacob: Everyone gets the same features it’s not so much that different users get different features just that once you have certain a bigger network it’s more support more maintenance so there’s no future limitations in terms of which plan you’re on.

TA: What are some of OfficeVibe’s limitations?

Jacob: Well we’re always working on new things and new features can always be improved. One very serious limitation that I’ll talk about is that it’s important for everyone to understand that it’s not a silver bullet and so while OfficeVibe collects data and shows you what you need to do, it is up to you to take things offline. So it’s not a magic formula. There is some work that needs to be done by you offline.

TA: What’s a best practice for using OfficeVibe?

Jacob: Basically taking it seriously so make sure that everyone’s participating consistently and that they’re being honest with her answers. You want your data to be as accurate as possible so you have a really true picture of what’s going on.

TA: Where do you hope to be in five years?

Jacob: I want to be an authority in company culture. I want this to be the tool company’s use when it comes to employee engagement so in every step of the employee life cycle so let’s say from onboarding to your feedback sessions to performance reviews, surveys. I’d love to have OfficeVibe handle all that in a fun and cool way.

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