May 15, 2015

Infographic: Why Employees Take Time Off, and What For

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As summer approaches, employees are starting to plan their summer beach trips and weekend getaways. But while summer is a popular time for travel, time off policies are important all year long – especially for employers. Generous time off, or PTO, is one of the main benefits applicants look for when evaluating job opportunities. In our recent employee retention study, 31.8 percent of employees cited flex time and remote work was their most desired perk. A Monster study of job applicants found vacation time was second in importance only to healthcare. Which is probably why more employers are adopting unlimited PTO policies, or expanding their current plans.

To get an idea of how employees use their vacation days (and perhaps why PTO is so important), HR software provider Namely recently analyzed the 47,000 time of requests made on their platform during 2014. Unsurprisingly? Friday was the most popular day of the week to request off, making up 27 percent of all requested time. Check out their infographic below for some less expected insights.

namely: employee time off infographic

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