September 5, 2013

How Gamification Boosts Employee Engagement

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There’s no doubt that engaging employees can be a difficult task. In an office setting there’s many different types of personalities to deal with. So how does a manager appease their employees and obtain a great environment ? Simple, games.

There’s been a rise in the amount of gamers within the past decade. “Gamers” aren’t just limited console or PC players anymore, as mobile gamers have come in and created a multi-billion dollar industry. Gamers are as diverse as ever, they are coming in all ages, races, and social backgrounds.

Thanks to gamification, companies are now finding ways to boost their employee engagement in fun, new and exciting ways. Gamified app developers are boosting employee engagement by creating products that target app-users not by their background, but what type of gamer they are.

Gamification studies show that there are four different types of gamers.

  1. Achievers : The ones who enjoy to earn points, badges, and achievements.
  2. Explorers : The ones who dig around the app, looking for new areas to enjoy.
  3. Socializers : The ones who enjoy the social aspect of the game.
  4. Killers : The ones who enjoy mastering the game.

If an app is well designed and targets those four type of players they will have engaged users within the app, but the real mission lies in fixing the $350B lost from low employee engagement.

Gamification can fix the employee engagement issue by allowing users to feel intrinsically motivated to perform certain tasks. Having a good design or platform around completing tasks will allow users/employees to feel more motivated to achieve their goals…Heck, in some cases even overperform and provide better work. Granted, there are tasks that people are forced to do (it’s what they’re paid for), but even after a certain time the motivation or excitement to perform them will fizzle and this it’s why it’s beneficial to implement a system that will allow users to gain that sense of achievement for performing tasks.

Keeping high employee engagement levels is a challenge that will only get harder to solve within the coming years, but gamification (or gamified apps) is one step in the right direction. There’s a reason why some of the biggest companies in the world are finding it important to implement these platforms to motivate employees. Remember, humans are motivated by the simplest things. It’s only fitting to have fun at a place where people spend five out of their seven days of the week at.

If you’re interested in using gamification as a means to motivating your employees, take a look at our list of dozens of gamification apps for enterprise and SMB.