February 19, 2018

eLearning Gets Specialized: 4 New Ways Organizations Use Online Education

Written by
Shel Gatto

When you consider the versatility of eLearning, it seems like there is nothing this modern approach to education can’t teach. Many businesses and organizations are proving that point by adapting their LMS to meet a highly specialized need. Each new application takes eLearning in another direction that will make a huge difference for many industries and groups, ranging from manufacturing to religion.


RGJ, Inc. Uses Online Courses to Teach “Math for Molders”

RJG, Inc. is known in the injection molding world for its award-winning training and technology. The company focuses on assisting molders and their customers through a wide range of projects and developments. Their contributions include standardized parts processing, advanced diagnostic tools, and products like software modules, installation kits, and sensors. Their most recent addition proves that eLearning can be invaluable when training workers for skilled labor positions.

RGJ’s “Math for Molders” online course helps learners develop the basic math skills required for the job. It also establishes the foundation of knowledge needed for learners to move on to more advanced training.
“Math for Molders” is a self-paced course, allowing students to work through modules independently. They can replay sections to ensure that they retained the necessary information. The entire program takes approximately nine to ten hours to complete and contains eight units. Each unit offers an array of tools including interactive videos, practice activities, and animations.

Learners are required to work through real on-the-job scenarios. They must calculate data to match the requirements of the mold to the machine needed to finish the task. They must also avoid common defects or situations that cause damage to molds or machines. It’s an effective way to provide hands-on training without putting learners, materials, or equipment at risk.

IQMS Introduces eLearning Platform for Manufacturing ERP Customers

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is used to integrate vital processes within a company. These include essential areas like human resources, order management, customer relationship management, and accounting. It centralizes information so that employees from different departments have access to the same accurate data.

Leading ERP software manufacturer IQMS has created a better educational solution for manufacturing customers interested in utilizing this type of system. Their new program includes web-based, self-paced courses that are designed to train and maximize retention.

The course includes 40 modules that discuss 275 topics. Manufacturers can customize the experience by creating their own educational timelines. The online platform makes the program easily accessible while the self-paced aspect helps busy employees juggle work and training. To expand functionality, IQMS has included the ability to use their course alone or integrate it with other training programs. It can also be implemented as a basic keyword-searchable reference library. Training becomes more efficient and helps increase profitability while building a skilled manufacturing workforce.

Chabad.org Creates Jewish Prayer Online Course

Chabad.org is a website that was created to utilize “internet technology to unite Jews worldwide, empower them with knowledge of their 3,300 year-old tradition, and foster within them a deeper connection to Judaism’s rituals and faith.” The site contains a wealth of information, news, and stories that are relevant to the Jewish community. This January, the site introduced another powerful teaching tool: a Jewish Prayer online course.

The four-part course titled “The Heart of Prayer” will be led by Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan. The first live segment was held on January 22nd with plans for new 30-minute long classes each week.

By harnessing the power and reach of the internet, Chabad.org has made faith more available to those who want to explore it. It’s a beautiful example of traditional teachings and modern technology coming together to strengthen belief and community.

The concept is innovative, but not completely new. Other religions have also begun seeing a shift in how and where followers participate and engage their churches. The cost of traditional education has gone up, which has many learners turning to less expensive online alternatives. Many seminaries have closed down as Christian eLearning has increased. The delivery method may change, but the messages remain the same.

WADA Pushes for Drug-Free Sports with Anti-Doping eLearning Platform

WADA, or the World Anti-Doping Agency, announced a new eLearning platform on January 22nd. ADeL, or Anti-Doping eLearning, will serve as the main platform for WADA’s online courses and related resources. The initial release will feature five classes, including Coach True, Sport Physicians Tool Kit, Parents’ Guide, ADO Kickstart for administrators, and The Athlete Learning Program about Health and Anti-Doping.

According to Rob Koehler, the Deputy Director General of WADA, this is
“a big step forward for anti-doping education. The ADeL platform will enhance the user experience for athletes, coaches, and other target groups who wish to improve their knowledge about anti-doping rules while also allowing them to engage with the concept of anti-doping and clean sport.”

The features will include monitoring tools that allow National Anti-Doping Organizations and International Federations to manage their jurisdiction. The system is also equipped with an enhanced language package to localize the experience. English, French, Polish, and Spanish are currently available with plans for seven more languages in the future.

Specialized eLearning Makes a Difference

eLearning is changing the way human beings are trained across the world. It’s capable of educating on a wide range of topics, from the very broad to the very specific. Organizations and businesses are pushing boundaries by finding new ways to benefit from today’s technology. It seems like everyone is jumping on board: from religious communities to manufacturing businesses and anti-drug organizations. It’s an amazing process to observe, and one that will continue to bring new educational opportunities to more people.

Shel Gatto is a writer for LMS.org. She has spent years exploring technology-related topics through freelance writing projects. She resides in Pennsylvania with her husband and beloved canine companions.

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