January 14, 2015

Study: Patients Value Digital Services When Choosing Physicians

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Note: You can download the full report from our research library!

Patient engagement is one of the defining trends in U.S. healthcare. Yet, despite the healthcare industry’s continued focus on it, most practices have not yet fully adopted digital services such online bill pay and appointment scheduling. Recent federal requirements related to EHR adoption and Meaningful Use Stage 2 have begun to change this. However, the federal government is not the only incentive for change. TechnologyAdvice’s survey of recent U.S. patients suggests that many individual patients value digital services, and take them into account when choosing a healthcare provider.

To determine which digital services patients value (and what their physicians are providing), TechnologyAdvice Research conducted a nationwide survey of 406 U.S. patients who had recently had an appointment with their primary care physician (or had an appointment scheduled). The infographic below highlights some of the study’s key findings:

patient engagement and what patients value infographic 

In the full report, we further explore the disconnect between what services patients want and what they report their physician’s offering. This includes digital services such as appointment scheduling, health resources, smartphone apps, and more. We also look at the discrepancies between different patient age-groups and which features they request, and discuss how physicians can use this data to improve their patient engagement strategies.

Download the full report from our research library to learn more.


For more information about this survey, the methodology, or distribution requests, please contact Media Relations Manager Keith Cawley at keith.cawley@technologyadvice.com

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