January 30, 2014

Practice Fusion Gives Chromebooks to New EHR Users

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Practice Fusion Launches “Free Laptop, Free EHR” Campaign

To encourage adoption of their free electronic health record (EHR) system, Practice Fusion is supplying new physician users with complimentary Google Chromebooks.

Practice Fusion decided to supply providers that sign up for their EHR system with Chromebooks in order to help reduce the amount of hardware physicians need to purchase to comply with 2014’s new government regulations. According to a survey conducted by Practice Fusion in 2013, some 36% of providers use computers that are between three and six years old.

As a free, web-based EHR system, the goal of Practice Fusion’s “Free Laptop, Free EHR” campaign is to encourage adoption of their EHR system with a significant incentive. Practice Fusion can already count themselves as one of the fastest growing healthcare technology companies, with over 100,000 physician users across 49 specialties. The “Free Laptop, Free EHR” campaign signals that substantial growth opportunities remain however, even if lagging adopters may need an especially strong offer, such as a laptop.

Practice Fusion also announced updates to their system, including to their clinical decision support tools. These provide reminders about high-risk patients who could benefit from preventative care, which could help physicians and patients reduce costs by lowering the number of office visits.

Despite the looming transition to ICD-10, the new medical billing code system which features thousands of new codes, and federal incentives through the Meaningful Use Stage 2 program, EHR adoption still remains at around 69% in the U.S. according to a Commonwealth Fund survey.

ICD-9 featured about 13,000 billing codes, while ICD-10 will include over 68,000 different codes. The transition will be steep and adopting new technology is undoubtedly one of the most intuitive ways for physicians to prepare and adjust by the Oct. 1 deadline.

Meaningful Use Stage 2, the federal government’s incentive program for electronic health records adoption, focuses on increasing communication between doctors and healthcare facilities and requires physicians applying for incentives to meet a list of 17 core objectives and 3 of 6 menu set objectives. The National Center for Health Statistics recently reported that just 13% of office-based physicians intended to participate in the incentive program this year.

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