June 18, 2014

EHR Trends in Nashville: Insights from an Emerging Market

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“The community here is so well versed in health care that it keeps us plugged in to the key issues and how to resolve them. …Being here, [investors] see we are aligned with thought leaders.”

That’s Stephen Hau, president and chief executive for Shareable Ink Corp, a company that digitizes handwritten doctor’s notes using pens that record the notes as they’re being written and transfer them electronically.

“Within 10 miles, I can see more potential clients than any other city in America,” proclaims Leon Dowling, founder of IMI Health Inc. IMI Health helps providers gain greater insight into best practices in patient care by better collecting and organizing health records.

Both of these quotes originated in the Wall Street Journal’s article that spotlighted different cities around the US that are attracting entrepreneurs, investors, and most importantly, innovation. As you may have guessed, Nashville was mentioned for its burgeoning healthcare market.

Nashville has attracted over $1 billion in venture capital funding from 2001 to 2011. Additionally, the city opened an entrepreneurship center that features ties to Google. Over 60 percent of the organizations seeking guidance at the center are in the healthcare industry.

EHRs are beginning to reach maturity, but are still a major market in the US. Reports from the National Center for Healthcare Statistics and research organization SK&A put EHR adoption rates among physicians at 78 and 61 percent respectively. To see where Nashville stood, we surveyed over 250 providers in the Nashville market in order to find out how electronic health records were fairing in Music City,  and how satisfied providers were with their solutions.

Some results were expected, while others were surprising. Download the full report to get some insight into the electronic health record market for the most exciting healthcare city in the country.

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