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No matter what industry you’re in, you probably need a customer relationship management system to organize and track your company’s contacts throughout the sales cycle. We’ve highlighted several of the best solutions of 2023 below.

Best CRM: At a Glance

We’ve highlighted several of the best solutions in the CRM tools list below to help you get a sense of what the market offers and to help you make a faster decision.

Customer Relationship Management: What to look for

Customer relationship management software is used by organizations to manage their sales, marketing, and customer service efforts. Most are either cloud-based or on-site, and no matter which type you choose, CRM software is designed to streamline and simplify the process of handling customers and prospects. It can be a valuable asset to companies of any size and industry.

CRM software typically offers these features:

  • Lead management
  • Lead scoring
  • Sales activity monitoring
  • Email tracking
  • Automatic updates to contact records
  • Notifications and calendar alerts

The most advanced CRM platforms serve multiple business units with contract management, project management, document management, sales goal planning and tracking, invoicing and billing, sales performance and activity monitoring, and campaign mapping and analytics.

Benefits of using CRM software

CRM software has changed the way companies do business because of the numerous benefits it offers. It’s made remote work easier through mobile features and SaaS offerings, while AI and customer experience management have improved the quality of customer interactions.

Now that you have a better picture of some specific applications and vendors, it’s time to choose one for your business. Luckily, TechnologyAdvice has already done the hard part for you.

Our Top CRM Picks for 2023

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