Best Applicant Tracking Systems

What Are Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)?

Save your company time and money by investing in an applicant tracking system. An Applicant Tracking System (or ATS) is a software tool that automates the process of posting jobs and finding qualified talent. This often includes one-click job posting to multiple sites, applicant sorting, and interview scheduling. There are many options available, so be sure to do your research and find the best applicant tracking system for your company’s budget and size.

While the human resources team owns the software, hiring managers and interviewers also need access to the software. The hiring team accesses the full range of hiring tasks in a single interface from candidate sourcing through evaluation, hiring, and follow-up. Companies can track each part of the application and hiring process in the tool — from start to finish. A business that implements an ATS benefits from a streamlined hiring workflow with features like job board posting, career site builders, interview tools, approvals workflows, notifications, email integration, and analytics. Applicant tracking systems do not typically provide onboarding tools.

Top ATS Software

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1 Pinpoint

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Attract, hire, and onboard the right people with Pinpoint—the modern applicant tracking system designed for internal talent acquisition teams that care about flexibility, candidate experience, and want to spent less time on repetitive admin.

Simple, intelligent software and unlimited help from the Pinpoint team means you'll attract the right candidates, select the best, and wow your new hires from the moment they say ‘yes’.

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Visit website Work OS is a collaborative no-code work management platform that allows HR managers to manage the entire employee lifecycle in one place. Track the recruitment process, onboard new employees with the help of pre-made templates, safely store personal information, plan team-building activities, and use automations to speed up and simplify all these workflows and many more. And with 40+ integrations, lets you continue working with your favorite tools within the platform.

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3 JazzHR

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Say Goodbye to outdated processes like spreadsheets and inbox recruiting, and Hello to powerful, user-friendly hiring tools designed to streamline your entire candidate-to-employee journey. With JazzHR you can easily post jobs, screen resumes, schedule interviews, collaborate with your team, extend offers and more from one central location. Get started today for as little as $39/month.

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4 Crelate Omni

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Crelate, an all-in-one ATS and recruiting CRM, helps users deliver results and scale their business. The single screen experience minimizes productivity loss. Functionality reduces the need for additional programs to operate a recruiting and/or staffing business. Flexible workflows allow users to work how they want.

A modern, sleek, and intuitive feel, Crelate offers built-in integrations, industry-leading reports, and powerful search. Letting you focus on what you do- changing people's lives.

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5 Recruitee

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Recruitee is a collaborative hiring software that builds winning teams. Organize, boost, and automate your recruitment. Try for free or get a demo now!

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6 ExactHire ATS

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ExactHire ATS--backed by a team of SHRM certified strategists--improves hiring outcomes by optimizing the hiring process. Our software extends the reach of job posts, simplifies the application process, and streamlines communication between applicants and employers. This increases traffic to online applications and quickly moves candidates through the hiring process. Along the way, applicant data and activity is organized into insights that are critical to making better hiring decisions.

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7 Breezy HR

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Breezy HR is a modern recruiting and applicant tracking tool to simplify your hiring process. From advertising jobs to making offers, get everything you need to attract and hire the best employees, faster.

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8 Jobsoid

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Jobsoid is an Online Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which simplifies every step of the recruitment process in organizations, streamlining everything from sourcing potential candidates to hiring the right one. Jobsoid is an intelligent recruitment software with the ability to help save your precious time, by automatically screening candidate applications and suggesting the best-fit candidates for a certain job profile in your company.

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9 Greenhouse

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Greenhouse Software is the fastest-growing provider of enterprise talent acquisition software. Thousands of the smartest and most successful companies like Cisco Meraki, Time Inc., and Airbnb use Greenhouse’s intelligent guidance to design and automate all aspects of hiring throughout their organizations, helping them compete and win for top talent.

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10 Recruit CRM

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Recruitment Agencies across 75+ countries trust Recruit CRM. Recruit CRM is an end-to-end ATS + CRM system designed for recruitment & executive search businesses. Manage candidates, clients, contacts, email, phone calls & post jobs to your website. We also have a powerful AI resume parser that can even parse resumes directly from your emails. A straightforward kanban view for both sales & recruitment, email triggers & boolean search makes Recruit CRM the absolute best option for agencies.

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Why do you need applicant tracking software?

A company’s recruiting efforts should be as efficient and effective as possible — especially when just one job posting can generate hundreds of resumes. As a company grows, applicant tracking software is necessary to automate and optimize routine aspects of hiring.

A 2019 Jobscan survey found that 99 percent of Fortune 500 companies employ some form of applicant tracking system. These systems help employers dig through mountains of resumes to quickly find candidates with the right qualifications, so hiring managers can spend their time qualifying candidates for soft skills not found on a resume like creativity and collaboration.

ATS tools can also help companies promote diversity initiatives by tracking key diversity metrics that provide insight into the tools and strategies that help the company hire a more diverse employee base. A survey conducted by LinkedIn found that 47 percent of hiring managers are not being held accountable to diversity initiatives. A robust applicant tracking software can improve these metrics.

The software also helps companies respond quickly to applicants, which increases overall candidate satisfaction. According to one 2020 survey of job applicants, 33 percent did not receive a follow-up email from the company they applied to — a problem easily fixed with automated workflows in an applicant tracking system.

Applicant tracking tools, which streamline the application, interview, and follow-up process, give your company the advantage of improved candidate experience.