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What is applicant tracking system software?

Applicant tracking system (ATS) software allows recruitment teams to organize and track candidates for more efficient hiring. ATS solutions also enable the HR department to organize applicants, simplifying the process of searching and filtering résumés. This results in decreased time-to-fill for open positions.

Aside from managing the hiring process by collecting and sorting résumés, modern ATS platforms also have a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline recruitment operations. ATS software handles everything from creating and publishing job posts to screening and sourcing candidates, tracking application statuses, and monitoring all communications with candidates.

Every feature of an applicant tracking system is built to enhance the recruitment process for both the hiring department and applicants. Most ATS solutions have built-in, automated communication channels to facilitate consistent communication between recruiters and candidates. ATS software creates a centralized location where recruitment teams can submit feedback and collaborate when selecting candidates. Furthermore, it can provide features for interview scheduling, automated alerts, and sending email reminders.

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ATS software benefits

ATS platforms can be beneficial to organizations in numerous ways.

Increases efficiency

Saving time and increasing efficiency are some of the best advantages of using ATS solutions compared to traditional application and recruitment procedures. With ATS software, recruiters can automate different tasks in hiring processes, including posting job ads, sending emails and reminders, interview scheduling, and onboarding new hires.

Improves candidate sourcing

The software can help address mission-critical challenges, such as attracting and sourcing top candidates. Many ATS solutions are now enriched with AI and machine learning capabilities to develop a profile of an ideal candidate, assess and identify skills, and predict success factors.

As a result, employers can better understand candidate behavior and target specific applicants across various platforms and channels.

Better candidate engagement

ATS software ensures better candidate engagement by promoting greater visibility across the candidate journey. It helps organizations prevent negative experiences — like lack of visibility and inconsistent communication — that can cause candidate frustration and disinterest. An ATS allows reliable communication and faster response times via automation.

Refines hire quality

Screening candidates standardizes applicant scoring and can help guarantee that hiring managers will only see qualified applicants. Moreover, ATS software maintains a database of people who may be prospects for future job openings.

Optimizes recruitment strategies

Hiring professionals can clearly and quickly communicate with other team members and candidates through ATS. Hiring teams can collaborate and share résumés securely within the platform, enabling an organized approach to decision-making.

ATS solutions also come with analytic tools to gauge the success of recruiting and hiring strategies. Recruiters can use real-time data to predict staffing needs and build recruiting pipelines. Analytics equips organizations with critical metrics around costs, quality, and time spent on recruiting activities.

What is the business impact of ATS software?

The recruitment process can be challenging for hiring teams and job seekers alike. Manual applicant screening delays hiring procedures, increasing cost-to-hire and prolonging time-to-hire. Additionally, manual online job postings can prompt tons of applications from underqualified job seekers.

ATS software automates and streamlines the hiring process from source to hire. It amplifies the capabilities of recruiters, hiring managers, and HR teams with a range of features to boost efficiency while attracting and retaining top talent.

First and foremost, ATS can screen job applications, scan résumés for the right qualifications, and select the qualified candidates to consider for an interview. This can lighten the load for hiring teams and cut down a significant amount of time. On top of that, ATS platforms can assist recruiters in tracking interview processes, evaluating, making offers to, hiring, and ultimately onboarding new talent.

The software promotes a smooth hiring process, enhancing the candidate experience and encouraging more skilled talent to join the organization. ATS solutions allow organizations to recruit the best people, which is essential to any company’s success.

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