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About Zurmo

Zurmo provides specialized gamified Customer Relation Management (CRM) applications to businesses.  Zurmo’s CRM platform allows businesses to manage all aspects of customer relations. This software is open source and highly customizable, allowing businesses to pick and choose which management features they want to use.

Intuitive and adaptable, Zurmo simplifies the process of managing customer relations for a variety of businesses. Zurmo provides a number of CRM functions, including creation of marketing campaigns, activity and contact management, integration with other services, management of products, and even on-the-go tablet and mobile services. On the customer end, Zurmo creates rewards, badges, and achievement for motivating user engagement. Customers can receive credit for using company services and brand promotion, which translates to increased marketing reach and user engagement for Zurmo’s clients. In collaboration with its corporate customers, Zurmo works to promote advertising and repeat business through reinforcing specific customer behavior. Zurmo enables companies to receive free word-of-mouth and social media advertising while simultaneously rewarding customers for their loyalty and business.

Florida-based real estate company Ecksodus LLC used Zurmo’s services to create a comprehensive CRM based platform for their business. As a result of implementing Zurmo’s CRM, Ecksodus LLC significantly improved their internal processes, which enabled the company to better manage its customer relations. By partnering with Zurmo, Ecksodus LLC has been able to simplify the process of managing customer relations and increase productivity.

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(Last updated on 05/05/2016)

Zurmo User Reviews

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Pete J.

e-Advantage Solutions Ltd

Gamified CRM makes it more fun for staff

Ease of Use
5 Reviewed on November 24, 2014

What do you like best about this product?

Two things:
1) The gamification built in to Zurmo helps staff adopt the system really easily.
2) The Kanban view of Opportunities really helps you focus your energies on the right sales.

What could be improved about this product?

Adding a quoting module would be really useful.

What was your main concern about buying this software?

That it wouldn’t have as much functionality as our previous CRM, however, staff use more of the features of Zurmo so it has worked out well.

What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you seen?

Staff adoption of CRM systems is much better. Sales people are closing better quality deals. Marketing are finding it easier to send targeted emailshots.

How likely would you be to recommend this software to a friend or colleague?


Do you use this product?

Share your insight by leaving a review.