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About Zoolz

Zoolz is a cloud-based storage provider; their service, Zoolz Intelligent, is a smart, cloud-based backup and document management service that makes it easy to backup and create searchable online archives of your content. From .pdfs to HD video and audio files that can be streamed on demand, Zoolz Intelligent makes it easy to access your files; built-in OCR capabilities and a sophisticated ‘eDiscovery’ internal search engine help to thoroughly index your data, and make it easy to find what you need. 

Zoolz designed their cloud storage solution to be a cost effective backup and archive system that can help you deal with the growing amount of unstructured data; saying that traditional backup isn’t adequate anymore, Zoolz Intelligent doesn’t just store documents, photos, images, or audio. Instead, it analyzes every file, structuring it in a way that makes it easy and quick to locate. Furthermore, in just a few clicks, it allows you to secure all of your files with military-grade encryption. 

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(Last updated on 07/18/2016)

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Wade W.

Zoolz can't be trusted.

Ease of Use
Reviewed on August 20, 2014

What do you like best about this product?

Last Black Friday they offered a super deal – $90 for 5 years of unlimited storage. I took them up on it and it worked ok for 8 months (they throttled my uploads after 150 GB). Then I got a letter from their legal department containing a large FBI logo claiming I had a program that I didn’t own. After I proved that I DID own the program, they replied that they still wanted to terminate my subscription – and promptly did. That was it, no discussion, no recourse. My guess is they saw the Black Friday buyers as a liability and basically fired us, hoping we would go quietly because of the big scarey FBI logo (that the can’t legally use). Zoolz is based in Boston, the legal department is in London and all tech support is from Amman, Jordan and they only work during the day in Amman. My 2 tech support issues had to be resolved in the middle on my night. Stay away from Zoolz! I am now using and have found it to be fast and reliable.

Do you use this product?

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