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About WorkWave Route Manager

WorkWave Route Manager is a route management software system built to help businesses increase operational efficiency. A key function of the software is its ability to automate route plans quickly in a way that considers your defined settings and constraints. It provides dispatchers the tools to optionally fine-tune plans, leveraging local business knowledge, with drag-and-drop, route locking and best-fit functions; and users receive warnings if manual changes trigger violations.

Users can stay connected to drivers’ performance with real-time updates synced from the road. Users can also receive ETA updates, collect proofs of delivery, and send last minute route changes directly to drivers’ mobile smartphones. With WorkWave Route Manager, users can also integrate GPS directly on 1 screen — making it easy to monitor drivers. Another notable feature is rearranging of route plans quickly with the drag-and-drop functionality, honoring logistical constraints like lunch breaks, driver skills, and time commitments.

WorkWave Route Manager offers complimentary on-boarding, free support, and charges no maintenance fees. It integrates into any existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) system through spreadsheet templates or published APIs. Its truly a turnkey offering, hosted in a secure cloud environment. The software can run on Mac OS, Web Browser (OS diagonistic), and Windows 8.

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(Last updated on 11/11/2016)