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About Wheeldo

NOTICE: As of this update (5/15) Wheeldo appears to be defunct. As a result they are no longer a recommended product. Use our Product Selection Tool for Gamification Software to find a similar solution. 

Wheeldo was a social gaming company that focused on increased user engagement through interactive surveys and custom games. This company was created to provide businesses with a selection of tools to create a more efficient way to discover consumer insights. Wheeldo used a cloud-based platform to provide social games and interactive surveys.

Wheeldo used social gaming templates to create interactive and context oriented games to engage users. Games could be customized to meet the specific needs of the company and the industry. Wheeldo included a reporting system that provided detailed analysis of each user’s actions, activities and any feedback that they had entered for each game or survey. This data gave marketers, sales teams, or other users the opportunity to learn from their customers and engage them in new, more effective ways. Wheeldo did not require any installation and used an ADDIE framework when creating social games. ADDIE stands for analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate.

Wheeldo’s platform helped maximize user engagement through creation of fun, shareable games. You could have used the platform to optimize your surveys or games to increase engagement and conversions, and help create brand loyalty. 

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(Last updated on 03/21/2016)

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