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About Vibe

Vibe is a cloud-based HR software system that measures team member morale through real-time conversations across mobile platforms. It allows managers to monitor the overall attitude, opinions, moods and “vibe” of the team in real-time and analyze what causes changes. Vibe uses natural language processing and machine learning to detect emotions from Slack conversations, in real time.

Vibe can provide reliable data to all team members; however, it is most beneficial to managers. In real-time, managers are able to access data that shows how work activities and decisions affect the whole team. Vibe automatically detects important topics for the team and informs managers on team impacts. Instead of traditional surveys, Vibe uses real-time date to drive conversations and generate transparent, less biased feedback. 

Vibe monitors the ongoing conversations in Slack to provide mangers with highlighted topics that team members are focused on. Vibe identifies the most trending topics of a team, analyzing their impact on morale, emotions, and employees. Users select from three morale statuses: Low, Good, and Fantastic Vibe, and from five emotions: happiness, irritation, disapproval, disappointment and stress. 

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(Last updated on 03/31/2017)

Vibe User Reviews

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Frederic P.

AIR at en-japan inc.

great manager assistant

Ease of Use
5 Reviewed on March 30, 2017

What do you like best about this product?

Vibe helps you act promptly on your team problems. Great tool when you have 10+ people in your team to manage.

What could be improved about this product?

Would be great if the solution could be integrated with other platforms beyond slack.

What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you seen?

It helps remove roadblocks for the team and ultimately create a better working environment. I believe this translate into lower attrition and higher productivity.

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Do you use this product?

Share your insight by leaving a review.