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About Lumesse TalentLink

Lumesse began life as StepStone Solutions in 2003 by acquiring and developing products for the talent acquisition software industry. In 2010, the company acquired MrTed. With that acquisition came MrTed’s highly rated apps-based product, which became the basis for the SaaS integrated talent management solution, Lumesse TalentLink. Lumesse has since continued making strategic acquisitions to improve their talent management software offerings. They have a large and varied customer base, including well-known names like Heineken, France Telecom and Tommy Hilfiger.

Lumesse’s talent acquisition software allows greater control of the hiring process by bringing together online, in one secure place, all of the elements of your talent attraction and sourcing processes. Lumesse allows you to easily identify the best channels, including social media, agencies, job boards, and outsourcing companies. Lumesse’s TalentLink is an analytic and reporting tool that allows you to see at a glance which of those elements are working. The work spaces enabled by its cloud- and app-based technologies make it easy for your staff to personalize Lumesse’s talent acquisition software to their own needs, allowing your talent acquisition and hiring personnel to create their own work environment. Lumesse’s tools also let you build online career portals that appeal to potential hires. Candidates can use the software to track the progress of their applications online, eliminating the need for follow-up calls and rejection letters. When attracting and hiring candidates, it’s important to comply with all hiring and data protection laws, and Lumesse software has the tools to help ensure your company is following all the proper protocols. Lumesse talent management software solution can improve your company’s ability to source, attract and hire the best new talent.

(Last updated on 03/17/2017)