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About Masonlane Shinebox

The Masonlane software company based in Phoenix, Arizona, was started by Jeff Mason. It is currently comprised of a group of programmers who specialize in databases and application design. The team and clientele is scattered across the country, but they are nearly 100% virtual and thereby able to offer full support to customers anywhere. The company focuses on small business and the educational sector, aiming to provide affordable all-in-one small business management software.

Shinebox by Masonlane is a web-based ERP solution. Complete with features for scheduling, finance, maps, and reporting, Shinebox provides an affordable software built to collect, organize, record, and assist with efficiently operating a successful business. Small business ERP software can be disjointed, costly and difficult to master. Masonlane insists on its ability to avoid these pitfalls.

(Last updated on 04/08/2016)

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