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About SAS Analytics

SAS was founded in 1976 and actually began as a project at North Carolina State University to analyze agriculture research. It has since become a global company that is recognized for its innovation in data analytics and business intelligence. SAS is redefining what’s possible with data analytics through greater efficiency, strong information value chains, effective collaboration tools, and state-of-the-art visualization software.

SAS Analytics is designed for use in a variety of industries including government, manufacturing, higher education, defense & security, banking, automotive, communications, and much more. SAS Analytics is a business intelligence (BI) solution that has the ability to reveal patterns and anomalies in data, identify relationships and different variables, and predict future outcomes. Users of SAS Analytics will benefit from making more sound, better informed business decisions based on company data and market trends. Data mining, data visualization, text analytics, forecasting, statistical analysis, and more are all available through SAS Analytics.

Staples, which boasts $27 billion in sales across the globe, has a business philosophy that prioritizes customer loyalty and satisfaction. In order to better engage their customers, Staples utilizes SAS Analytics to plan finely tuned marketing campaigns. Through forecasting and advanced analytics, Staples has been able to rely on fewer contractors, and cut their marketing budget, while improving their customer retention rate.

(Last updated on 03/21/2016)

SAS Analytics User Reviews

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Mark H.


SAS Analytics

Ease of Use
4 Reviewed on September 4, 2014

What do you like best about this product?

SAS is powerful software for analyzing just about any data your company has. It is used extensively by government agencies and large corporations worldwide. SAS has been the market leader in statistical analysis for some time and has added impressive new features in the most recent releases. My company provides SAS programmers to many of our clients to analyze their data and drive decision making. It does take an investment in training to utilize fully but the results can be worthwhile.

Nathan O.

SAS Office Analytics

Ease of Use
5 Reviewed on June 20, 2014

What do you like best about this product?

We decided on SAS about 4 years ago and we are glad we did. Since then, we’ve upgraded software for a very reasonable amount and it has vastly increased our business intelligence capabilities. We use SAS for predictive modeling, ad hoc statistical analysis, and automated reported, all of which were absent before the software arrived here. This tool has allowed us to get to answers more quickly while utilizing our data the best we can. The software is engrained into our daily processes, and this was achieved with very little effort. The software is basically seamless with a vast amount of other programs.

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