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About Viewpoint ProContractor

With a 35-year history of excellence, Viewpoint, formerly known as Maxwell Systems, is focused on developing innovative software solutions specific to the construction industry, especially their ProContractor, formerly known as ProContractorMX, construction enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution. Viewpoint’s sole focus is improving all areas of the construction business. Their construction management software products are designed to allow construction businesses to gain end-to-end control of every aspect of their operations. Viewpoint invests heavily in research and development, designing right-fit software solutions that can be customized for each client. From the first estimate to project completion, Viewpoint’s construction management software solutions help business owners maximize efficiency and profitability. With a variety of specialized ERP software solutions, Viewpoint offers a business software solution for every facet of the construction industry.

Viewpoint’s ProContractor construction ERP software is an all-in-one construction software solution. Flexible, powerful, and versatile, ProContractor covers estimating, project management, and accounting in one scalable ERP. It can be hosted on the client’s server or in the cloud, offering mobility and easy remote access. This software solution allows the client to bid more jobs quickly, and with greater confidence and accuracy. Enhanced data control allows for real-time decision making and smoother, more efficient communications. Viewpoint’s training and consulting services ensure that clients make a smooth transition, with uninterrupted workflows. Implementing Viewpoint’ ProContractor construction ERP software can help any construction company maximize its resources and increase profitability.

(Last updated on 04/08/2016)

Viewpoint ProContractor User Reviews

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Shannon J.

R&S Glazing Specialties, INC

Do not purchase this software

Ease of Use
Reviewed on May 3, 2017

What do you like best about this product?

Nothing, No follow up, Bad training, glitchy program. They do however do a great job of sending out there monthly bill and calling you about other sales items that they have available.

What could be improved about this product?

Fix the glitches and don’t tell people it does things that it doesn’t like CA direct uploads of Certified payroll. You have to buy LCP to actually have that happen.

What was your main concern about buying this software?

I wanted it to meet the needs of our construction billings and our retail sales as well. Was told it would meet all my reporting needs. Would help us with our Certified Payroll for CA. which has become a reporting nightmare. Turns out it couldn’t help me track commissions in all areas. And mid way in my first training they pulled the plug on supporting CA payroll and opted instead to tell us that we needed to buy another program to complete our payroll uploads. No apology, No acknowledgement that they sold us something that was not complete.

What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you seen?

After 6 months of working with the training department who didn’t follow through until the squeaky wheel got the grease, I finally got with someone who helped us make some headway on our set up. 3 months of working on our one payroll batch to fully understand the program then print the reports and the information on the GL side was wrong?? Trainer was not sure why and that was it for me. Couldn’t waste anymore time.

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Do you use this product?

Share your insight by leaving a review.