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About Xtuple Postbooks

xTuple is an award-winning ERP development company that has introduced all-in-one accounting software, xTuple PostBooks. The software combines the functions of ERP, accounting software and CRM into one fully-integrated system. This software can be used for a wide range of business industries, small or large scale, and can be utilized using a local server or as cloud-based software. It has been used globally in several case studies participated in by various companies like Cedarlane Natural Foods, Kemp Electric Supply Company, Red Wolf Company and Richart Distributors, Incorporated.

With the xTuple accounting software, you have the powerful capabilities of accounting, CRM and sales entry, and reporting. You can also take advantage of its features on purchasing functions, definitions of products, distribution and inventory. The light manufacturing capability of this ERP software will assist you in taking care and supporting work orders. With this business software, you can also access an OpenRPT. The accounting feature of this system allows you to create financial reports and make general ledger entries. It will also allow you to handle payable and receivables including bank reconciliation processes. You can make quotes, put in an entry of orders, create sales reports and ship services through this all-in-one financial management software.

The xTuple PostBooks Edition can be operated on Windows, Linux, Mac and mobile. The company also provides a global community which maintains the products international capacity. This international capacity entails its translation capability for language, currency and even tax structures. This accounting software bears several licenses like commercial permits and OSI Common Public Attribution License. For its CPAL license, product licensing depends upon your own CPAL choice.

(Last updated on 03/21/2016)