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About Pilat HCM

In a world where SaaS is multi-tenant by design and configurable at best, Pilat provides customers with what they truly want…customizable, affordable, single-tenant Human Capital Management solutions. Using a proprietary development platform that enables customization and quick deployment, a service approach that connects you with a professional intimately involved in your specific solution, and 40+ years of experience, Pilat stands for capability, agility and service.

Pilat works with companies of every size, including some of the most recognizable companies in the world, expertly developing and deploying full HCM solutions and individual modules to meet their individual needs. Their library of cloud-based module templates provides a customization starting point for just about every challenge in Performance and Goal Management, Talent Management, Succession, Employee Engagement and Retention, Compensation Planning and Merit Management, Workforce Planning, Employee Development, Transition Management and more. Because solutions are single-tenant, upgrades and changes are always based on your individual needs; not on the modification needs of the largest shared user. Importantly, Pilat accomplishes all of this without the cost and time delays often associated with custom development.

Pilat also offers proprietary solutions in Job Assessment, Grading, and Gender Pay Equality, an increasingly critical solution for schools, companies, local and national governments, and more. They also have a proprietary multi-rater tool that facilitates 360 reviews of individuals and also helps anticipate and predict the performance of teams based on assessed characteristics. Founded in the UK and with offices there and the US, Pilat is a well-established vendor of single-tenant, customizable SaaS solutions for HCM.

(Last updated on 03/21/2016)

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