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About Owner InSite

Austin-based, Owner InSite provides construction management software geared towards the owners and stakeholders of construction projects. The software powering Owner InSite’s construction project management tools was originally developed in 2003 for Broaddus and Associates — a construction management firm. In 2009 Broaddus decided to spin-off this internal project management software package into a separate company — Owner InSite. Owner InSite co-founder Eric Rachal indicates this construction project management toolset is targeted at educational institutions, hospitals, and government facilities — entities whose building projects tend to be large.

Owner InSite construction management software is licensed on a per project basis. Its subscription allows as many users as needed and provides unlimited storage. There are never any extra modules to buy, setup takes a matter of a few hours, and online training videos are provided. A few of the construction specific tools are request-for-information (RFI) and architect-supplemental-instructions (ASI) tracking, submittal tracking, punch-lists, and daily reports. Owner InSite also includes a budgeting portion of its platform including change order tools, over/under budget projection analysis, invoices, and point-in-time reporting. Document security is a top priority in the software with full redundancy in the data center plus offsite backup, biometric access control, 24-hour disaster recovery, and end of project archival tools. There are three dashboards available in Owner InSite: a project dashboard, a program dashboard, and an accounting dashboard. Communications and collaboration tools includes a mobile field report app for iOS and Android, email lists, and more.

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(Last updated on 03/21/2016)

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