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Oracle, a California based technology corporation, is focused on providing computer hardware systems and software to individuals and businesses. They are one of the largest software companies in the world, second only to Microsoft. Oracle is one of the most widely respected companies around and their business analytics solutions are considered of the highest quality.

Oracle’s expertise extends over to big data solutions. They have the ability to take large amounts of data and quickly decipher trends and solutions to problems. One of the unique features Oracle offers is the Hadoop Readiness Assessment. This test, available on the Oracle website, allows interested parties to see if big data solutions are right for them. If it is the right fit, Oracle can show companies how to maximize their value and transform operations. Their big data analytics offer decision makers key features such as Endeca Information Discovery, data warehousing, advanced analytics, spatial and graph, R for the Enterprise, Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite, and Oracle Real-Time Decision.

Among the many companies who use Oracle for big data solutions is Turkcell. This mobile communications company in Turkey has more than 34 million subscribers, and used Oracle to help combat communications fraud. Oracle’s big data solutions allowed Turkcell to monitor key parameters of prepaid card usage, block fraudulent activity, and issue alerts to their customers when they saw unusual activity in an account. The result was a highly functional solution that allowed Turkcell to successfully improve their security, and keep their customers’ safety at the forefront of their company’s offerings.

(Last updated on 03/21/2016)

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Nicholas L.

A Comprehensive Business Intelligence Suite

Ease of Use
Reviewed on July 13, 2014

What do you like best about this product?

I am a business intelligence analyst who has used Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) and Oracle Enterprise Performance Managements (Hyperion EPM) for BI reporting. As a power user, I cannot speak to the cost or implementation of Oracle Business Intelligence, but I can attest that its features are leaps and bounds beyond its predecessor, and it is easy to use once you learn how. OBIEE is built upon a repository with 3 layers of metadata. The physical layer (bottom layer) holds the data, primary and foreign keys, and connections. The business model mapping layer (middle layer) is where the business logic, aggregation and structuring occurs. The presentation layer (top layer) is where data is arranged and presented to the end users. The presentation layer is also where security roles are assigned. Since most users will only see data from this presentation layer, it helps standardize organizational reporting so that bad queries do not result in different teams of people ending up with different data. Layering allows OBIEE to connect to multiple data sources and combine them all in the presentation layer. For example, you can build a report with connections to a relational table and an Essbase cube. You read that right: you could build a report using a seamlessly integrated combination of SQL and MDX, without knowing how to write either one! OBIEE allows alerts and agents to be set up for scheduled processes. Agents are like advanced alerts that can trigger other processes depending on whether or not certain conditions are met. The automation that this feature allows is tremendous. Mobile Application Developer is another product in the suite that allows users to build HTML 5 applications that can be viewed on any mobile device. The interface reminds me of Microsoft PowerPoint, and you simply drag and drop charts, tables, filters, etc. onto the screen. Once the app is built, you can scan the QR code to view it on your phone. Since the apps are built with HTML, they can also be viewed in a web browser. Overall, I would rate Oracle Business Intelligence as an excellent product.

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