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Officevibe uses gamification to promote better employee morale, increase productivity, and reduce turnover. On a daily or weekly basis, Officevibe will release new challenges and content  that promotes employee engagement in the workplace. Using gamification strategies, Officevibe creates targeted, custom-selected activities for your workforce based upon a host of metrics associated with improved workplace atmosphere and communication.

With its focus on improving employee engagement and overall well-being, Officevibe creates content based on five concepts: generosity, wellness, environmental factors, sociability, and productivity. The service is available online and can also be accessed via iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones and tablets. Officevibe creates gamified challenges for employee users covering a range of tasks. These challenges include: following healthy lifestyles, excelling at workplace duties, participating in team-building exercises, maintaining a clean office environment, and performing acts of kindness. Employees are rewarded upon completion of these tasks. As an added motivation, healthy competition is encouraged by sharing scores in a social setting. Officevibe provides a low-cost means for keeping employees satisfied, healthy, and motivated. The platform is infinitely scalable, and is currently used by clients ranging from small start-ups to multi-billion dollar corporations like Microsoft.

Microsoft uses Officevibe to promote team building activities and increase employee engagement in workforce tasks. Since implementing Officevibe, Microsoft has experienced a notable increase in employee satisfaction and productivity, in addition to marked improvement in employee physical and mental health.

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(Last updated on 03/28/2014)

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Officevibe – Gamification Reviews and Summary


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