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Industry Specialties
Advertising / Media / Publishing, Computer and Technology, Consumer Brands, Education and Training, Enterprise, Hospitality / Entertainment / Travel, Food and Beverage, Marketing / Public Relations, Pharmaceutical, Retail and Wholesale, Telecommunications
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Any Sized Businesses

About MLM Software One

MLM Software One is a detailed MLK software solution that offers organizations a way to track and monitor marketing efforts on multiple levels. MLM Software One manages members from one administrative panel, including transactions and payments, deposits and pending withdrawals, support messages from affiliates, and advertising banners and withdrawal requests.

Users can select their preferred edition, from binary, board/cycler, forced matrix, and unilevel. The enhanced network marketing uses customizable compensation plans to create a marketing plan tailored to the specific client. MLM Software One uses PHP and Mysql, an in-house, multi-level marketing software that is customizable and accesses a variety of plugins. Software comes with full documentation,including guided images with didactic explanations.

MLM Software One includes two security layers of protection, including a transparent firewall that filters all possible attacks to an organization. MLM Software One comes with a proprietary plugin system to extend its functionalities. Plugins are available for a customized MLM software, including payment processing (Paypal, AdvCash, Skrill, OkPay), revenue sharing (packs/ad shares, drip feed), advertising (text, login, full-page, and pay-per-click), and eLearning (video tutorials). 

MLM Software One offers coded performance with optimized SQL tables and indexes, and a file cache system that uses Redis, Memcached, or preferred APC. MLM Software One offers language support in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. 

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(Last updated on 05/05/2017)

MLM Software One User Reviews

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Seve C.


Needs a lot of improvement

Ease of Use
Reviewed on July 28, 2017

What do you like best about this product?

It is integrated with a wordpress frontpage and it is very easy to edit frontpage yourself. The software has many features but many lacking.

What could be improved about this product?

Needs options to do rankings of members, need to define what a bonus or commission period is – is it weekly? is it monthly? etc.

What was your main concern about buying this software?

Almost zero support. Customer support gets back after 3-4 days, sometimes never. you can talk via chat on their main webpage but it is more on general sales questions. Also, if nobody is on the other end on the chat, you have the option of leaving your email address that allows them to get back to you. In 5 instances that I left my contact info, I was never contacted back.

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Do you use this product?

Share your insight by leaving a review.