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Operating globally since 2011, Mindtickle has offices in both the US and India. Their platform provides gamification services to clients that in order to transform traditional training programs into enjoyable, interactive learning experiences. Their solutions have been utilized by Fortune 500 clients, and interacted with by over 55,000 people.

Mindtickle’s gamification platform is designed to improve businesses’ online training programs. As a full-service system, they provide full tracking and ROI measuring capabilities. Any form of content, from PowerPoints to videos to PDFs and more, can be integrated into custom gamified training modules. Administrators can custom these training modules using an intuitive, centralized interface. Mindtickle’s services are also capable of integrating with LinkedIn, Facebook, LMS APIs, Dropbox, and other popular online products. Using game elements such as achievements, competitions, rewards, and incentives helps businesses improve employee engagement in training material, while remaining enjoyable. Additionally, the ease of creating content with Mindtickle allows for quick implementation.

SAP, a major enterprise software company, became a customer of Mindtickle in 2012. They were looking to streamline their internal training systems, and increase their brand awareness. Mindtickle created a custom online training program, which helped new hires engage in the company culture, and share their experiences. Since then, SAP has seen a 75% increase in internal brand awareness, 70% savings on their coaching time for senior management, and a 60% drop in costs associated with administration and logistics training.

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(Last updated on 03/28/2014)

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Mindtickle – Gamification Reviews and Summary


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