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About Exact JobBOSS

Exact JobBOSS offers job shop management software as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool for small to mid-sized manufacturers. Their job shop system is designed to automate the processes concerned with running day-to-day business operations. Job shop management software can help growing companies keep clients at the forefront of business by making sure that operations run smoothly in the background. Their ERP software solution, JobBOSS Shop Management, guides stakeholders in the early stages of the business cycle while helping them manage the challenging demands that come with growth. JobBOSS Shop Management also allows you to keep track of customer changes to orders so that you’re never caught off-guard by a billing or shipping question that you cannot answer.

Another one of the features available in this job shop system is the ability to use quick tabs for creating business quotes and new job entries in a flash. You can also track labor costs and product deliverables. Most importantly, this ERP software solution provides an accurate review of your business’ expenses with the click of a button. The latest business system from Exact JobBOSS has mobile accessibility, allowing you to analyze your progress on the go. With the features offered by JobBOSS Shop Management, you can rest assured that your company is on the right track to gaining many happy customers.

(Last updated on 04/08/2016)