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About IO Practiceware

IO Practiceware is a fully integrated electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management (PM) solution designed specifically and exclusively for ophthalmic practices. Since its introduction, IO Practiceware has been adopted by over 250 ophthalmologists with a 100% implementation success rate.

Unlike many EHR/EMR solutions that are designed generally and rely on user-customized templates to meet the needs of multiple specialties, IO Practiceware was designed in collaboration with practicing ophthalmologists in order to increase the speed with which the software can be used; nearly every doctor says their biggest fear in adaptation of an electronic medical record solution is that the software or interface will slow down workflow, costing not only time, but money. IO Practiceware’s touchscreen interface with its large buttons is much faster than a mouse and keyboard. Ophthalmologists can even input data with a drawing feature, allowing the touchscreen to be used like a canvas in order to record observations as visual information. The software then interprets this visual information and translates it into other clinical fields, eliminating redundant data entry and saving even more time. In addition to saving physician’s time, IO Practiceware can save money as it is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations in addition to being certified as a complete EHR solution that meets Meaningful Use stage 1 and stage 2 requirements.

A large optical group, comprised of 10 MDs and 3 ODs with three locations, two optical shops, an ASC and a Laser Vision Correction Center, looked at over a dozen EMRs with a presence in Ophthalmology. The group was driven to find an EMR for efficiency and the MU incentive. They went live with IO Practiceware in the fall of 2008. Unlike some practices who had to reduce their patient volume for up to six months, this group was able to resume a regular schedule in two months. Implementation took two weeks, during which six IO trainers were on site to assist the staff. Their customer service is exceptionally responsive and their team follows-up on open items. After 7 years, the group has seen efficiency, profitability, and patient satisfaction all increase thanks to IO Practiceware.

(Last updated on 03/21/2016)

IO Practiceware User Reviews

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Chris X.

Eye Care Practice

A load of garbage

Ease of Use
Reviewed on May 25, 2016

What do you like best about this product?

We implemented IO Practiceware in the Fall of 2012. We’ve had a plethora of issues since, which have cost us untold sums. For starters, we were sold a system that would run on replication between two servers in our two locations. The replication process never worked properly, with such being down for months at a time. Patient data could not transfer between offices, and when IO would “fix” the issues, patient data would inevitably be lost as things synced back up.

A year and half ago, IO was sold by it’s founding owner. All of their employees jumped ship (they have 0 support staff left in the States), and now we are left dealing with a call center in India for all of our issues. Those issues are aplenty. We are still getting random error messages when looking at the schedule. They were fixing errors in MU reporting up until days before it was due – they didn’t even roll out Stage 2 reports until late February! I have to constantly tell them NOT to install updates without telling anyone here – they keep asking what our “lunch hour” is so that they can run backups. Maybe it’s a cultural difference, but we don’t put up a “Out to lunch” sign in the window and disappear for an hour. Plus, we need to run backups before installing any update. Heck, they now have a cloud version, and THEY (IO) crashed their own systems when they ran an update on their own servers, and had to roll back the update.

Things have gotten so bad within IO that their sister EMR/PM companies under the Eli Global umbrella are calling up IO clients to try to get them to switch away. What confidence does that give someone that IO will even be around in a few years time?

What could be improved about this product?

A whole heck of a lot, but within the software (which is head bashing slow most of the time) and the company.

What was your main concern about buying this software?

I wasn’t a part of the practice when the software was purchased.

What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you seen?

We’re looking to automate, improve billing efficiency and patient engagement. Instead, IO never fulfilled the terms of its contracts and failed to every develop modules for the ASC and optical. Because of that, we’ve had to run a second EMR system alongside IO to the tune of tens of thousands/year and LOSE inefficiency. AND, they continue to hound us on a weekly basis to pay for the modules that they never delivered. I’m sick and tired of opening emails from their “Chief Customer Officer” that start with “Greetings!”.

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Oei T.

Best Electronic Medical Records on the market

Ease of Use
Reviewed on June 5, 2014

What do you like best about this product?

We are a multi-specialty group that has been using iO Practiceware for almost three years. I was initially apprehensive, mainly because of stories I had heard of much decreased productivity after adopting EMRs. I have been thrilled to find that the opposite is true. In fact, by the third day after implementation, I was able to see a full load of patients with only a thirty minute lag. However, I do believe this success is entirely system-dependent. I ran into a physician that had used iO Practiceware in our office and then moved out of state to a practice that used another EMR (one which claims to have the highest number of installations in ophthalmology). He was extremely frustrated because after six months, it was still taking him twice as long to enter patient data. The drop down menus he was using in his EMR were very cumbersome. iO Practiceware, on the other hand, uses a touchscreen system which is lightning quick and simple to use. At this point, I feel it would be most instructive to list the attributes of iO Practiceware that make it so efficient to use: 1. The system is well thought-out and organized. There is an alert button which allows important “notes to self” to be placed on a separate screen. For example, I use a treat and extend protocol on exudative macular degeneration patients. I have a note in this section indicating the current treatment interval for a given patient. This alert screen can be accessed with a push of a button from any other screen. This precludes the need to flip back to previous visits to find a note indicating a patient’s treatment interval. 2. There IS a highlights screen which IS very well organized. It lists the previous procedures AND surgeries done ON a patient. The previous retinal drawing IS also shown. FROM this screen, a chronological LIST of previous visions AND pressures can be accessed BY touching the current vision OR pressure ON that screen. The font size used ON this screen IS very large so that information can be seen AT a glance FROM even 5 feet away. 3. A separate interpretation AND report FOR testing such AS OCT OR FA can be accessed AT ANY time. Also op notes FOR lasers can be accessed AT ANY time. 4. Referral letters are easy TO generate AND an updated LIST of physician phone numbers are IN the system. The letters are sent BY a SIMPLE push of a button. 5. The system IS easily customizable. A computer savvy person can ADD treatment templates IN a matter of minutes without HAVING TO hire an expensive programmer. 6. The monthly maintenance agreement cost was very reasonable WHEN compared TO other systems we looked at. 7. Service IS very personalized IN that we are usually able TO WORK WITH the same person ON an ongoing basis. 8. Information IS stored ON an ON-site SERVER rather THAN IN the cloud. This has many advantages IN terms of speed of information access. There IS virtually NO lag WHEN images are retrieved. 9. Documentation of patient information IS extremely thorough. ALL bases are covered. IN fact, a practice consultant that does practice self-audits remarked that this was the best system she had encountered so far IN terms of documentation. In summary we have been very happy WITH iO Practiceware. It has increased my efficiency BY 10 TO 15 percent over paper charts. Also, documentation IS a hundred percent better THAN patient charts.?

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