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About iDashboards

iDashboards is a software company that has developed innovative solutions for data visualization and business intelligence (BI). It allows companies of any size to display their data in engaging ways and provides dashboard solutions that are easily built, dynamic, and suitable for any user. This company primarily serves the higher education, government, insurance, financial services, K-12 education, healthcare, sports, utility & energy, restaurant & hospitality, manufacturing, transportation & logistics, retail, and pharmaceuticals industries.

iDashboards offers four BI products: iDashboards Enterprise Suite, iDashboards In Cloud, iDashboards Display Solution, and iDashboards Mobile. With Enterprise Suite, a web-based solution, enterprise-level organizations can display and analyze data from any source in real-time, allowing them to make informed business decisions even faster and with greater accuracy. This product is easily installed and user-friendly, allowing you to rapidly create custom dashboards and reports, utilize what-if analytics, and send alerts. iDashboards In Cloud is a hosted solution that offers real-time analytics, enhanced security, Excel import-export, and drilldown features. With the iDashboards Display Solution, companies can streamline BI through more effective sharing of insights and performance issues. Finally, iDashboards Mobile allows users of Enterprise Suite and In Cloud to access their dashboards and reports via mobile devices.

Bingham Memorial Hospital, a hospital located in Idaho, used the solutions provided by iDashboards to increase both the efficiency and accountability of their employees in their daily operations. This hospital implemented iDashboards in the billing department to track calls as well as in physician offices to track referrals and the associated revenue. With iDashboards, Bingham Memorial Hospital has improved organization transparency and is better able to motivate employees toward higher levels of professional efficiency.

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(Last updated on 03/21/2016)