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About IFS Field Service Management

IFS is a leading global enterprise software developer and vendor, established in 1983. They specialize in asset management, field service management software, supply chain management and manufacturing. Based in Linköping, Sweden, the company has development centers in Sri Lanka and Poland. The company also has 50 offices all over the globe and serves more than 2,100 companies in over 60 countries. The company also has over 20 international support centers. A true multinational service provider, it has been able to supply service business software companies globally.

IFS field service management software can greatly enhance, automate, and streamline a company’s service process, resulting in cost savings and improved customer service. IFS scheduling works with real-time responses and prides itself as one of the most streamlined examples of scheduling software on the market today. With complex algorithms that are researched and tested to meet the needs of IFS’ impressive list of clients, IFS 360 Scheduling is made to constantly outpace the competition. For agile enterprise resource planning and enterprise asset management, IFS provides the best field service management software.

IFS’s clients include Softex Indonesia, Maxwell Technologies, Graal, Seadrill, Olympus KeyMed, and more. Mats Hultin, Chief Information Officer of aerospace and defense company Saab stated that IFS Application was able to replace over 100 legacy systems. A&O Systems and Services UK Ltd. is a company of engineers who do on-the-ground field work. IFS has been able to change the way the company does business and increase their productivity with its innovative service business software.

(Last updated on 05/05/2016)

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