About FantasySalesTeam – Gamification Reviews and Summary

FantasySalesTeam is an online platform that allows sales managers to drive increased activity and bottom line results through hosting team-based competitions. FantasySalesTeam originally launched its in June 2013. They target companies of all sizes, and have the ability to integrate with a wide variety of CRM software.

FantasySalesTeam allows sales managers to create better contests by customizing the metrics of the competition. Online leaderboards and discussion boards encourage competition and staff engagement while creating higher sales performance. Players can earn points by achieving their company’s most important sales goals. Instead of tracking touchdowns, strikeouts, runs, and other sports-related statistics, FantasySalesTeam uses sales metrics like calls, number of opportunities, revenue booked, and the percentage of quota achieved. All statistics are tracked through FantasySalesTeam’s dashboard. Sales agents create profiles, contribute to interactive discussion boards, and monitor leaderboards that show where they rank among their coworkers. Agents can compete as individuals or teams. At the beginning of each competition, sales representatives can select others to be on their fantasy team and then use the FantasySalesTeam leaderboards to track where their team sits in the rankings.

Advertising technology pioneer Distillery decided to use FantasySalesTeam to increase activity level within their team with the view of increasing sales. FantasySalesTeam created the incentive to schedule extra meetings and more calls, encouraging the sales team to stay energized and engaged throughout the whole contest. Distillery reported a subsequent spike in productivity from their sales reps.

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(Last updated on 04/15/2014)

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FantasySalesTeam – Gamification Reviews and Summary
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