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About Dynacom ERP

Dynacom Technologies, a leader in the management software industry, developed Dynacom ERP to be their most powerful business management solution. Founded in 1990, Dynacom provides custom software as well as web, mobile, and traditional services. Their mission is to be a reliable reference center for growing businesses.

Dynacom ERP delivers efficiency and productivity with several key components, including accounting and financial management, sales and client management, purchasing and supplier management, inventory management, payroll processing, advanced project management, advanced tools, performance and security, and powerful customization. Data transactions with business partners are completed directly from the Dynacom software with its EDI module. Customized applications can be developed to align your ERP software to fit your business needs. Plus, Dynacom ERP is now available in the cloud so you can access it anywhere. Dynacom offers webinar and training sessions as well as personalized support services to make sure you get the most out of your Dynacom ERP software.

(Last updated on 04/08/2016)



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William T.

9089-5681 QC Inc.

Good software but bad company

Ease of Use
2 Reviewed on May 25, 2015

What do you like best about this product?

The product was easy to use, which is good as Customer service is very unpleasant.

What could be improved about this product?

Once you start using their product you cannot change. If you do, you lose access to all of your previous data. If you unsubscribe, do not expect any return of phone calls or answers to e-mails. Throughout the 10 years I used their product, I have had many database crashes, subscription problems (when their office is closed of course) and as of now lost all my information.

What was your main concern about buying this software?

There are virtually no accountants that have this software so you may end up having to pay their time to upload and install dynacom.

What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you seen?

I have nothing to say in this category. The product has not benefitted my company.

How likely would you be to recommend this software to a friend or colleague?


Do you use this product?

Share your insight by leaving a review.