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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About CrashPlan

CrashPlan, created by Code42, offers endpoint backup solutions, including cloud-based backup and storage solutions for subscribers. Though CrashPlan offers plans for individuals and families, the company’s business and enterprise-level packages provide automated and customizable backup, storage, and restore services. CrashPlan helps businesses protect their data from loss, damage, and theft.

CrashPlan’s cloud endpoint backup service features automated backups, 448-bit data encryption, 128-bit communication encryption, universal networking, guaranteed user-initiated restore services, and no bandwidth or file size limits. CrashPlan features a user-friendly, single dashboard console accessible on a desktop, mobile device, or online. Because the company offers different service levels, CrashPlan is a scalable endpoint backup solution for growing businesses. CrashPlan differentiates itself from the competition by providing expanded compatibility, the option to keep deleted files, multiple file versions, multiple backup sets, and minute-by-minute automated backups. In its enterprise level service package, CrashPlan offers cloud storage options that include public, private, and hybrid clouds. In addition to featured services, CrashPlan offers subscribers ongoing support and reporting services to easily manage data.

Code42’s CrashPlan is an attractive option for medium and large-scale businesses looking for a worry-free backup solution. Enterprise level endpoint backup services from CrashPlan have been implemented by Ohio State University, Augsburg College, and Colby College. As a result, the time spent managing backups was decreased up to 98 percent. Additionally, Colby College incorporated CrashPlan as an integral component of its disaster recovery plan. Positive responses to CrashPlan’s functionality and value have led the enterprise endpoint backup service to be chosen as one of 2013 Readers’ Choice Top Products by University Business.

(Last updated on 05/05/2016)

CrashPlan User Reviews

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altavistasfo ..


the worst service of all online backup!!!

Ease of Use
2 Reviewed on February 16, 2017

What do you like best about this product?

CrashPlan should be excluded! they have some of the worst backup speed and even more terrible restoration/download! for 1 file, 42gb, it is taking me 8.9 days to restore it, using fiber optic speed (60mbps) i chatted with their support. they had absolutely NO reasonable excuse except that this is a shared service!. before signing up with any service, make sure that the service has 30 days money back guarantee, and NOT the bullshit 5gb free account. with 5gb account, you wont be able to test the full upload/download speed of the backup service. i am currently examining iDrive, as they claim that they provide matching upload/download speed to the user’s internet.

What could be improved about this product?

no cap on backup and restore speed. they cap the speed, and in most cases, it takes over a month of restoring files! very ridiculous!

What was your main concern about buying this software?

backing up data safely, and restoring using same speed as my speed (or close)

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Do you use this product?

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