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About 1CRM

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, 1CRM develops an eponymous software system that helps companies engage customers. This customer relationship management (CRM) tool helps these companies provide better online information to their customers as well as streamline business processes and improve the cost model. 1CRM offers both an on-premise solution and a cloud-based service.

1CRM is offered in three editions, depending on the number of users needed: Startup, Professional, and Enterprise. The Startup Edition is free and provides CRM services for up to five users, 500 accounts, and 1000 contacts, targets, or leads. With this edition, users can get a fully-functional on-premise introduction into the software without any cost. It provides typical CRM features such as a customizable dashboard, customer analytics, sales forecasting, email marketing campaigns and more. The Professional Edition of 1CRM allows an unlimited amount of users, accounts, leads, contacts, and targets. It offers the same features as the Startup Edition, with a bonus addition of a cloud-based solution. The Enterprise Edition builds on the previous two editions and has additional features such as price books, advanced reporting functions, module design, and an iPhone application.

The Ariel Group, a company designed to help business professionals learn how to develop presence, needed to reduce cost pressures and improve customer response. Additionally, they needed to enhance the strategic nature of business decisions and collate data more effectively. After using 1CRM, Ariel Group was able to continue growing while lessening the need to increase costs. It also led to a deeper understanding of sales trends, which allowed them to optimize their sales process and make more informed decisions.

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(Last updated on 05/05/2016)

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