eBay Purchases Shutl to Expand Same-Day Delivery Across US

eBay began rolling out same-day shipping two years ago, but the service has been limited to select ares of New York and San Francisco. That’s set to quickly change, however, with the company’s acquisition yesterday of Shutl, a same-day ecommerce delivery service. By the end of 2014, eBay is hoping to expand same-day shipping to 25 cities across the world, according to Engadget. It’s a bold step in terms of expanding eBay’s reach, and a direct challenge to Amazon’s current dominance in quick shipping.

Shutl is currently a delivery service that pairs with traditional retailers to offer same-day delivery in Manhattan and Chicago. According to their website, there fastest delivery was 13 minutes, 57 seconds after order-placement, and customers can track Shutl’s progress in real-time through their website. VentureBeat reports that most of the company’s deliveries are done within an hour, making the wait only somewhat longer than ordering a pizza.

As services such as this become available to customers, traditional ecommerce practices will be disrupted. Shutl prices its delivery service around $7 to $10, which is roughly the same (or less) than many online sites charge for standard ground delivery that takes 3-5 days. Amazon meanwhile will surely respond to eBay’s aggressive move with an increased push for same-day delivery from its own warehouses.


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