FantasySalesTeam Launches New Gamification Platform

Our friends at FantasySalesTeam announced the release of a new gamification platform yesterday. The solution is targeted at sales managers who want to increase the level of competition among their team, and, hopefully, their results as well. New features include a brand new user interface, sports-themed templates, “smack talk” engagement boards, and a game creation process that promises to have companies up and running within minutes.

This news comes just a few weeks after FantasySalesTeam closed a new round of financing. Some of the investors included ATX Seed Ventures, and Marvel Venture Partners, among others. According to their CEO, the company has over 50 current customers, including Hewlett-Packard (HP), who uses their software in conjunction with CRM Salesforce. FantasySalesTeam CEO Hollander reported that companies using their software were “seeing measurable increases in sales activity, engagement, and results.”

FantasySalesTeam is one of a few gamification companies that focuses primarily on motivating sales teams. A recent Gallup survey concluded that more than 70 percent of American workers are currently “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” with their work. These workers not only cost employees money in lost revenue, but they can drag down an entire team as well. Particularly in sales, energy and team spirit are essential components of a productive unit. More and more, companies are turning to innovative solutions such as gamification in order to boost engagement, and better motivate their workers. As we’ve seen in education, and traditional enterprise, it can certainly be an effective tactic.

photo credit: tedeytan via photopin cc


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