1/5 of Online Black Friday Sales Came From Mobile Devices

Mobile traffic accounted for 39.7% of online traffic for Black Friday, while 21.8% of all sales were made from mobile devices, according to IBM’s Analytics Benchmark report. The data comes from approximately 800 online stores, that IBM monitors and compiles in real-time. Total online sales for Black Friday grew 18.9% year-over-year.

Besides the general increase in online shopping and mobile-purchases, IBM’s data revealed interesting shopping trends among platforms and device types. While smartphones generated almost 25% of all online Black Friday traffic, for instance, they accounted for only 7.2% of online sales. Tablets on the other hand generated just under 15% of online traffic, but accounted for 14.4% of online sales. This could be related to the average user profile or demographics for tablets versus smartphones, or may have to do with the shopping experience itself. Many large online retailers still don’t have streamlined mobile checkout sites, which could result in smartphone users abandoning their purchases.

Meanwhile, Apple users were responsible for more purchases and traffic than Android users. iOS devices accounted for 28.2% of online Black Friday traffic, and 18.1% of online sales. Android devices accounted for only 11.4% of Black Friday traffic, and just 3.5% of sales. Additionally, iOS users outspend their Android counterparts, with an average order value of $127.92 compared to $105.20. While Android phones and tablets outsell Apple devices, data such as this will ensure Apple keeps their edge with developers and major brands.

For businesses, this report further shows the importance of mobile-tailored websites and mobile user experience. Consumers are growing increasingly comfortable using smartphones and tablets for most internet tasks, providing a huge opportunity for companies ready to streamline these experiences. Businesses that fail to transition, or discount the role of mobile devices moving forward, will find themselves left behind.

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